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Album Covers – Part I

February 24, 2016 • admin

The Art of Album Covers

1-albatross-101In this post I’m going to talk about the art of album covers. The album covers are the first thing you see when “scrolling” through record shop shelf, and if you have not heard the traks yet, the cover is the very first impression you have about album. Obviously the design of the album covers is very important, and most artist take a great care when it comes to designing theirs album sleevs or covers


From the 1950s the 12″ LP record and the 45 rpm record became the major formats for the distribution of popular music. In those days album covers were mainly a portrait photography of the artist and simple titles, with few exceptions that have no significant impact on the main stream. Main exceptions were so called sex covers of 50’s through beginning of 60’s. They were a bit more adventurous than todays banal CD art work. That covers were merely a sexual provocative photo with no much of art aspect or even quality. The 50s album “My Pussy Belongs To Dady” on Becon records is still regarded as the worst album cover of all time.

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Uncut or Cut

February 21, 2016 • admin

 Uncut or Cut

Exploring the web, lately I came across the Uncut Magazine list of 200 Greatest Albums of All the Time.

I scrolled from the # 1 Beach Boys „”Pet Sound” through # 200 Elvis Costelo ” Imperial Bedroom”, after that I scrolled up once more and down again … … very suprisingly poor but intriguing List. I understand that if we create our very own list of 200 Greatest Albums that it would certainly be different, relating to our favored type of music, bands and musician, but seriously UNCUT ??

Uncut magazine 1-beach boys

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Long Names in Music

February 4, 2016 • admin

Why some artist use long band names or long song titles?

Some of the stylish delights in starting off a music band is the solemn routine of making up its good name. Heck, it is really part the exciting of learning a musical instrument, plus facts be said to, a lot of artists may reluctantly accept to having indeed used more time thinking of the ideal band name than learning their instrument. Further than unusual concepts hatched around strike hits, the title of a rock band brings large permanent significance for its artists, directing every little thing from prospective broadcast exposure, to brand layout, so as to what sort of fans are going to react. Certain bands care although various other do not.

Pussycat-Dolls-GroupOneThe majority of the music group in 60’s particularly with Britpop explosion, picked simply names with the before: The Shadows, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Animals, The Byrds, The Monkeys, The Beach Boys … … etc. Along with more underground and imaginative culture developing from mid 60’s the names began to emerge as more diverse, longer and in some cases a bit ridiculous!

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