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Music Festivals

June 29, 2016 • admin

Music Festivals

“Start to learn about music festivals and were are good ones“

1-woodstockAmong one of the important legacy of the hippie movement in 60’s and 70’s are the largest popular music festivals. Everything commenced in August 1969. when The Woodstock Music & Art Fair happened on one farm close to city of Bethel in New York State. Music festival catching the attention of a crowd of over 400,000 people, set up over 3 days on, and it relative triumph triggerd very similar or maybe identical (Isle of Wight festival) parties around the world specifically in US and Europe. Nevertheless, relating to Woodstock festival, Rolling Stone publication listed it was one of the 50 Moments Which Transformed the History of Rock-and-roll.

As one of the most significant rock festivals of all time, and a social example of the late sixties, Woodstock has been certified in various ways in pop culture. These days’s primarily summertime events are actually straight „desendents” of Woodstock. The Woodstock Festival was this kind of a massive popular music and cultural occasion that additionally a documentary was produced. Entertainment Weekly called this particular movie the benchmark of Rockfest films and just one of the most amazing films previously made. So it is dead-on to state that the heritage of hippie movement and particularly Woodstock is likewise todays concert videos on DVD’s and blue ray CDs.

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Neil Young – The Godfather of Grunge

June 28, 2016 • admin

Neil Young – The Godfather of Grunge

1-neil“Rock and roll is here to stay“

Neil Young is among the genuses of rock music. The minute I said rock, this does not suggest just to that category, since he can be placed in the more comprehensive picture in rock, folk, blues or maybe jazz genre. He belongs to probably the most prominent musician. The Elvis got a label King, Bruce Springsteen is The Boss, there are a lot of queens of soul queens of pop, kings of pop, kings of hip hop and so forth. Yet Neil, who may be also the king of everything, acquired only nickname as “The Godfather of Grunge”.

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It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll

June 26, 2016 • admin

It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll

2-elvis3-rock and sex1-early rock





(But I Like It)

5-joan jettRock and Roll is so wonderful it comes with a mountain of followers, enormous production and simply speaking the majority of the music we are lending an ear today, is rock & roll, and its own sub-genres. In that respect there are tens of thousands of rock and roll books, magazines, internet sites, and even encyclopaedias. Fundamentally hybrid in genesis, rock-and-roll consists of elements of a variety of black and white American music formats: black guitar-accompanied blues; black rhythm and blues, indicated for saxophone solos; black and white gospel songs; white country music music; and the musics of white prominent troubadours and harmony groups. Right after 1964 it was simply referred to as “rock music.” The shift in terms shows both a connection with and a break from the previous period of time; rock music was no more only for dancing.

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Hippie Movement

June 22, 2016 • admin

Hippie Movement


“Love is a friendship set to music.“
~Joseph Campbell



Among uppermost significant movement which was very closely connected with the music of 60’s was a hippie movement or hippie subculture. Hippies made use of music to articulate themselves on an emotional level, mentally, and also politically. To illustrate the effect of popular music as a cultural sensation, it’s necessary to get back prior the hippies to the Civil Rights Movement. The Beat Generation, particularly those related to the San Francisco Awakening steadily submitted to the 60’s era counter-culture, followed by a switch in terms from “beatnik” to “freak” and “hippie.”

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Top Albums 1969. By – Part Two

June 19, 2016 • admin

Top Albums 1969 – Part Two

Albums every music lover should own

1969The 1969. was really such a great year regarding rock music productions and album released, that I need to give short article sequel to part one merely to point out 8 albums alltogether every one of my preference…



The Kinks – Arthur or Decline and Fall of British Empire

1-kinksAt # 13 of the best albums of 1969. chart, there are The Kinks by perhaps some of their finest recordings. Even though, The Kinks were not evaluated as high as they merited, they were the among one of the most remarkable bands of so called „ British Invasion” setting very good influence in the US. In this particular album, the outcome was a musical legacy of extraordinary, appealing songs, but as well many ingenious gems of elegance, a variety of brilliant pieces of political solicited views on community, and creative presentations of wit by means of music. Created as the score for a never-aired the BBC tv show, Arthur is the story of late- ’60s British working-class burnout. This is not a rock opera, not either a pretentious retelling of the past history of England. Instead, it’s a selection of postcard superb settings of everyday lifestyle in the suburban areas of post-war England. The Kinks’ playing has never ever been so tight and also side by side. And also it has ‘Shangri-La.’ That is perhaps among the 10 finest songs ever composed … So share with the Kinks the delight of mastering the musical frontier and put this album on your turntable, increase the volume on your amp and enjoy this Ray Davies’ masterwork!

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Top Albums 1969. By – Part One

June 14, 2016 • admin

Top Albums 1969.

Almost like I made it!

1-vinylThere certainly are plenty of charts, best of list, Top of and so on. Typically we do not agree a number of the ranking, still, that is natural, all of us have our very own faves, or perhaps we are all admirers of various artist and it is literarily hopeless to create a chart which would please every single music lover. That’s why is a great enjoyment whenever you come across chart that fulfill all your „ standards”. Personally, it occurred to myself when I came accross Top Album of Year 1969. on web „”

Now, lets us find the reason why is that. To begin with great affirmative surprise is album „ In the Court of the Crimson King” by King Crimson. “King Crimson are among the few prog music groups whom one can in fact call ‘progressive’, applying the dictionary interpretation of the terminology. Nonetheless, first what provide a perception of this particular album (especially if it’s vinyl), is the exceptional art of the cover. I assume most of us, at some point or another, regardless if we knew what it was or not, have all viewed the shrieking face that decorates the cover of ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’. This particular appearance, in plenty of elements, defines the innovation, audio and strength of the album. Musically this album, as King Crimson’s very first, generally described the style in exactly what we call ‘prog rock’. Paradoxically enough, the band has constantly rejected claims that they are simply penalized the ‘prog’ classification. Yet on the other hand to what the band might think, this sensational 5 track, forty-five min album is right on, real meaning of the progressive rock genre. Robert Fripp was in some way right not to receive classified as progressive rock. Those preferring hard rock and wonderful guitar work will fancy the songs of King Crimson.

Those individuals who like progressive music and take joy in extensive arrangements will definitely like it a lot more. My point is, you do not need to enjoy just one element of a genre of music for you to enjoy King Crimson’s music. And that is exactly the reason why this album entirely deserves to be # 1 in 1969. It is among my favorite of all time and I highly recommend it to any music lover.

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