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Christmas Songs

December 18, 2016 • admin

Christmas Songs – The different ones

Bored of “Jingle Bells’“ and the same dreadful Christmas songs every time you stroll into a store or switch on the radio? Maybe this list (which has no purpose to become a top list!) will soothe your ears?

              So check out my list!


The Killers’ 7th annual Christmas song was recorded throughout down-time on their latest UK tour. The track includes singer/songwriter Ryan Pardey reprising his part as the song’s bad Santa.

Or you could try some alternative tracks such as on this Sidewalk Prophets, Christmas album? In their 2013 record “Merry Christmas To You”, Sidewalk Prophets deliver a whole lot to the Christmas table.

You can try a shimmery delight drawn from Steven’s must-hear Christmas album. Hushed singing as well as blinking strings transforms the carol vintage right into an unexpectedly superb work of art you can find on his album „Christmas Infinity Voyage“



Low– “Just Like Christmas” is yet another alternative album, which simply might please your ears? As alternative Noel-time anthems go, this is probably the favorite atop the tree.. Derived from the Minnesota band’s Christmas recording, it was actually released as a present to fans in 1999.

If you still like a „ traditional” Christmas hit like „ Little Drummer Boy” right here is just one of the very best release of this popular Christmas track. It’s Jennifer Nettles (ft. Idina Menzel) from her album „ To Celebrate Christmas”! I love the a wide range of arrangements of the authentic tunes and I love the new tracks also, making all of them all feel fresh and new.

For anyone aged over 30, Christmas truly was much better in the 80s. But don’t be sad. There is an album coming from The Futureheads– „ Christmas Was Better In The 80’s”.


Then, if you are into Al Capella musics here is a track from Pentatonix having this amazing version of late Cohen song “Hallelujah”.


How regarding The Walkmen– “Holiday Road”? An absolute must-hear, if you are an indie music fan or simply wish to hear something different from Jingle Bells.

One of the most beautiful wintertime songs you could ever pick up is “A Snowflake Fell And It Felt Like A Kiss” out of their self titled record „ Glasvegas”. This album was easily one of the most surprising and also stunning launching of 2008 in the UK.

But when you really want something completely different from cheesy, schmaltzy Christmas songs, then check out Peanut Butter Wolf „ Presents Badd Santa”! Yess this’s rap and hip hop, but this’s also a terrific collection of old-school rap, funk, reggae, indie rock, and also the just ordinary strange, expertly put together and well annotated by obsessive record collector Peanut Butter Wolf.

Well, that was a short list what you might prefer, then boring „ yearly” Christmas songs and cheesy sentimental tunes. There certainly are a handful of new recordings and different Christmas albums with amazing fresh Christmas feeling, therefore Ensure that you get this right now and play it on December 25, loud.

And have a Cheerful Merry Christmas all the way!

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