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The Power of Pop

March 25, 2017 • admin

The Power of Pop

“Beauty is a sign of intelligence.” – Andy Warhol

I shamelessly love pop music. Pop or Popular music is the kind of music that has actually constantly been around and it is definitely a part of our life, since the times of Frank Sinatra, after that through so-called „British Invasion”, until today’s pop famous singers who provided a very flavor, really sexy aspects to the music. I honestly think there’s no other genre of music as uniquely suited to getting at the core of an emotion like pop. Although I mainly lend an ear and dig right into Indie Pop tuning on the radio quite often I caught myself dancing, humming, or simply taking pleasure in pure pop songs „ infesting” my mind coming from throughout the radio.

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Music Nostalgia

March 22, 2017 • admin

Music Nostalgia

“I ‘d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.” — Kris Kristofferson

The definition of nostalgia is, pleasure and unhappiness which is actually caused by remembering a little something coming from the past and wishing that you could possibly experience it again. So, are you sentimental? Of course you are, since nostalgia is a common human emotion. Plenty of songwriters have made a career off tales of troubled pasts and old girlfriends, but then there are those particular melodies which epitomize the concept of nostalgia. The majority of them are frankly really sad, as the past times is always populated along with would’ve, should-be, that are easy to obsess upon.

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Blondie is Truly Back!

March 18, 2017 • admin

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Blondie is Truly Back!

Being hot never hurts!

The new wave, punk, indie pop, pop rock and pop band Blondie are simply creating news once more around the music networks, a good reason for this short article. The band was a pioneer in the early United States new wave and punk scenarios of the mid-late 70’s. Therefor was not unusual they had far better success in UK and Australia then in New York and U.S. Blondie was considered an underground band in the United States up until the release of Parallel Lines in 1978. Combining disco, punk, rock and pop, album Parallel Lines made them worldwide superstars. This type of blending is particularly identify in Indie music, so that’s why this article see it’s place on this web page. It’s was always the band’s vocal Deborah Harry individual search, or a quest, devoted to fine art, along with her life companion and band’s guitarist Chris Stein kept the band manage to keep going, up until present-day. Stein’s experiments with early rap was an additional „ spice” to Blondie’s tunes, specially notable on the single Rapture. He is likewise a producer and performing artist for the classic soundtrack of the hip hop film, Wild Style, as well as author of the soundtrack for the film Union City.

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The Rapper of the Month

March 14, 2017 • admin

The Rapper of the Month

Yes, I can do rap music!

The mainstream growth of Canada’s rap scene of action over the last 10 years has emerged the world over. A success that, as a lot of a hip-hop mind will fervently reason, had not been an over night progression. Many years of key output coming from figureheads such as Kardinal Offishall, k-os, Saukrates, BrassMunk and many more, was actually involved in a scene which has ever since helped with the emergence of performers like Drake, The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, Torey Lanez, and Roy Wood$.

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